Concurrent Use of Intracervical Foleys Catheter Plus Vaginal Misoprostol Versus Vaginal Misoprostol Alone for Induction of Labour

  • Sidra Gilani Resident, MCH center, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Qurra-tul – Ain Senior Registrar, MCH center, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Misbah Hanif Medical Officer, Federal Government Services Hospital, Islamabad
  • Syeda Batool Mazhar Prof of Obstetrics & gynaecology, HOD, MCH center, PIMS, Islamabad
  • Navaera Saeed Lecturer, Fazaiya Medical College, Islamabad
Keywords: mechanical methods, vaginal delivery, induction of labour


Objective: To compare frequency of mode of delivery  and  induction to delivery interval in women undergoing induction of labour with concurrent intracervical Foleys plus vaginal misoprostol versus vaginal misoprostol alone.

Methodology: It is a Randomized controlled trial conducted at MCH center,PIMS,Islamabad, Islamabad from 20th July 2016 to 19th January 2017. A total of 96 pregnant women of age group 18-35 years, with singleton cephalic fetus, were included and randomized into two groups: Group A (intracervical Foleys catheter plus vaginal misoprostol) & Group B (misoprostol alone), by using lottery method. In both cases, the mode of delivery and  time taken from induction to delivery were  recorded.

Results: Majority of the patients 68 (70.83%) were between 26 to 35 years of age,mean gestational age was 39.97 ± 0.85weeks Mean parity was 2.43 ± 1.22. There was a difference of 3.14 hours of induction to the delivery interval between the two  groups which was statistically significant. Vaginal delivery was seen in 36 (75.0%) women in group A (intracervical Foleys catheter plus vaginal misoprostol) and in 26 (54.17%) women in group B (vaginal misoprostol alone) with p-value of 0.033

Conclusion: Concurrent use of Cervical Foleys and misoprostol is  a simple, improved , cost-effective and safe regimen which results in higher vaginal deliveries rate and shorter induction to delivery time.

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