Awareness of Reproductive Health Among Adolescent and Young Adult Females; A Comparative Study in Urban and Rural Areas

  • Sana Latif WMO Govt. Health Dispensary Ahmedabad, Rawalpindi
  • Syeda Mayedah WMO, BHU Susral, Tehsil Gujar Khan, District Rawalpindi
  • Naheed Bano Assistant Professor, Gynae & Obs Unit 1 Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi


Objective: To compare the knowledge of adolescent and young adult females of rural and urban areas regarding reproductive health.

Study Design:  Descriptive Cross-Sectional study.

Place And Duration Of Study: Rural and urban areas of District Rawalpindi, from 30th April 2018 to 20th May 2018.

Methodology: A population-based survey was carried out using a self-administered structured questionnaire among 120 girls, 60 each from rural and urban area by systematic random sampling.

Results: Adolescents and young adults do have some knowledge about sexual and reproductive health and issues pertaining to them. Surprisingly, rural respondents are more knowledgeable about reproductive physiology (R= 51%; U= 31%), sexually transmitted infections (R=41%; U=30%), the utilization of health services (R=50%; U=20%) and also for the doctors and health staff workers are the main source of information about sexual and reproductive health (R= 41%; U=3% statistically significant), rural prefer government setup, while urban prefer private hospital/clinics. (R=54%; U=17% statistically significant)  Both urban and rural groups had some good awareness about menstruation and its hygiene. Yet, a large majority needs clarification on their concepts and perceptions regarding reproductive health overall.

Conclusion: Healthy adolescence, the need of the hour. In the present study, poor knowledge about reproductive health in both groups is the main concern right now. Although, they believe that having sound knowledge about this matter will promote mother and child health and eventually family health. Involving families and communities will enhance the effectiveness

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