Modified Bishop Score, Does It Need Any Remodification

  • Qurat ul Ain 1Post Graduate trainee,Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
  • Sobia Luqman Senior Registrar,Senior Registrar, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Nasira Tasneem 3Head of Department, MCH Unit II, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad
Keywords: Bishop Score, cervical length, labour induction


Objectives: To determine an association between modified bishop score and success of induction of labour in nulliparous women.
Methodology: A total of 97 nulliparous pregnant women at a gestation period of 37-42 weeks presented in Maternal and Child Health (MCH) center in outdoor antenatal clinic at Pakistan Institute of Medical sciences (PIMS) Islamabad were appraised for predicting successful labor induction. All five parameters of modified bishop score such as cervical length, dilation, cervical consistency, cervical position, station and overall score were evaluated for successful labour induction. Effect modifiers like Body mass index, age of the mother, gestational age were controlled by stratification. For estimation purpose, descriptive statistics and multiple regression approaches were used to determine the parameters in the prediction of successful vaginal delivery within 24 hours.
Results: Empirical findigns based on logistic regression indicate that cervical consistency appears to be the important independent variable in predicting the successful labor induction (Confindece interval= 95%, P-value = 0.048; ). Other independent variables such as, cervical dilation, cervical length, cervical position, have insignificant impact in determining successful labor induction. The CI and P-values are (CI= 95%, P-value = 0.116 CI=95%, P-value=0.908, CI= 95%, P-value = 0.381, respecively).Simiarly overall bishop score(CI=95%,P-value=0.274) has weak association in success of labour induction.
Conclusions: In all nulliparous women with singleton preganancies, cervical length,cervical dilation, cervical position, and Bishop score are weak indicators in predicting successful labor induction. However, cervical consistency is better conjecturers in determining the successful labor induction.

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