Common Gynecological Complaints in Women Experiencing Gender Based Violence at a Tertiary Care Hospital

  • Asma Ansari Head of the department Obstetrics and Gynecology Combined Military Hospital Kharian
  • Rabia Iqbal Postgraduate FCPS trainee Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology Combined Military Hospital Kharian
Keywords: Gender based violence, Domestic violence, Health consequences


Objectives: To find the incidence of gender based violence (GBV) in women attending gynecology Out Patient Department using structured abuse questionnaire and frequency of common gynecological problems amongst these patients.
Methodology: The cross sectional analytical study was conducted at Obstetrics and gynecology Out Patient Department of tertiary care hospital from Jan 2018 – June 2018. Gynecology patients between 20-48 years were included by consecutive non probability sampling technique. Pregnant, adolescents and postmenopausal women were excluded. Incidence and type of abuse was identified by using a Structured Norvold abuse questionnaire (NorAQ). Clinical diagnosis of gynecological disorders was made and comparison was done between abused patients and those not suffering from GBV. Demographic variables, type, severity and frequency of abuse were expressed as a percentage.
Results: A total of 512 patients 198(38.6%) were found to have experienced GBV in any form. Psychological abuse was the most prevalent 108(54.5%) followed by physical 61(30.8%) and 29(14.6%) sexual abuse. Clinical diagnosis in patients with GBV and those not experiencing GBV were compared and pelvic pain P<0.001, vulvovaginitis P<0.005 and menstrual disorders P<0.001 was statistically significant in abuse patients.
Conclusion: Common gynecological symptoms can be the tip of the iceberg with underlying violence contributing to the clinical symptoms. More data collection and agreement on approach towards these women presenting in health care facilities is the need of the day.

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