Urinary Tract Infection a Preventable Cause of Pregnancy Complications - An Update

  • Ghazala Sadiq Quaid e Azam International Hospital Islamabad
Keywords: UTI, Perinatal morbidity, Milleneum goals MGD4 and MGD 5


Objectives :To determine prevalence, Risk factors associated with and pathogens
involved in causing urinary tract infection during pregnancy in women of
Islamabad and Rawalpindi.
Study design:Prospective cross sectional study
Place & duration:Quaid e Azam International Hospital and Al Sadiq Saad Shaheed
Hospital for a period of three months from 1 st Feb 2018 -30 th April 2018
Methodology:A total number of 345 women at different gestational period and from all
walks of life were included in the study. A pre designed and structured
questionare and hospital record were used as tools for data collection. A
detailed gynaecological history was taken and Physical examination was
carried out on all patients. Complete blood count and a clean catch mid
stream urine was taken.
Results:UTI prevailed among 22.7% of pregnant women; condition is less
common in primigravida than in subsequent pregnancies. Associated risk
factors were studied ,Level of education and socioeconomic status were
seen to contribute significantly; history of pelvic inflammatory disease
and previous history of UTI were responsible for 43.00% and 63.30% of
cases respectively. About 43.0% of patients suffered from moderate and
11.4% from severe anemia. Another 27.8% of women had been
previously catheterized for some reason.
Conclusion:Prevalence of UTI is high in our part of the world. Risk factors including
parity, period of gestation, education, previous history of UTI and PID
and catheterization contribute significantly towards causing Urinary tract
infection among pregnant women.

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