Is Induced Abortion used as one of The Methods for Birth Spacing Among Married Women in Urban Population of Lahore?

  • Nadia Khurshid Associate Professor, Dept. of Obs & Gynae, Unit I, Al-Aleem Medical College; Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore
  • Shazia Syed Associate Professor Obs/Gyn Dept., Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital; Gujrat
Keywords: Induced abortion, contraception, method failure


Background; in an overpopulated country like Pakistan, the incidence of use of contraceptives is significantly low. On the other hand, despite the fact that induced abortion is illegal, women, especially in lower socio-economic group, take the risk to opt for it to limit the family size.
Objective; to find the prevalence of factors behind induced abortion among married women in urban population of Lahore.
Methodology; Cross sectional study from 1st February to 15th October 2018 at gyne department, Gulab Devi hospital Lahore. We interviewed 50 women from outpatient department as well as the admitted cases in obstetrics and gynecology wards through a structured proforma.
Results; Overall 58% women opted for induced abortion merely because they were not ready for pregnancy or already had enough or grown up kids and only 6% had method failure
Conclusion; the general behaviour towards contraception and abortion is complex. The women who did not use contraceptives or who had method failure resort to abortion to limit their family size.


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