The Long Term Pain Morbidity After Pfannenstiel Incision

  • Nadia Khurshid Associate Professor Obs/Gyn Dept , Al Aleem Medical College, Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore
  • Nosheen Wahab Assistant Professor, Obs/Gyn Dept , Al Aleem Medical College, Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore
  • Shazia Syed Associate Professor Obs/Gyn Dept., Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Teaching Hospital; Gujrat,
  • Aqsa Kiran Medical Officer, Al-Aleem Medical College; Gulab Devi Hospital Lahore
Keywords: Pfannenstiel incision, hysterectomy, caesarean section, long term pain


Objective: to identify the prevalence of the long term pain morbidity in women after Pfannenstiel incision. Chronic pain is a well‐known adverse effect of surgery and apparently its risk increases with increasing number of surgeries. However the risk of such a long term pain morbidity specifically after Pfannenstiel incision, which is used in most of the obstetrics and gynecological surgery, is less established.

Methodology: This descriptive study was conducted at Gulab Devi teaching hospital Lahore from 28th June 2018 to 14th October 2018.  250 women having Pfannenstiel incision in context of caesarean section, total abdominal hysterectomy or laparotomy and were all asked to fill in a questionnaire to evaluate the pain in Pfannenstiel region. Out of 98% of the total subjects who responded to the questionnaire (n=245 out of 250 women), a significant number (23%) of women complained of long standing pain at the site of incision. Though only a few of them went through moderate or severe pain which marred their daily activities. After reviewing the data Conclusion: It has been brought to light that the Pfannenstiel surgery either for emergency caesarean sections or elective obstetric and gynecological procedures is a primal indicator of long term pain and discomfort. A doctor’s anticipation and recognition of this phenomenon would be the pivotal factor in improving future surgical practices.

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