Use of Box Simulators for the Improvement of Laparoscopic Skills in the Feld of Gynaecology

  • Sadia Khan Assistant Professor, Gynae unit 1, Holy Family Hospital, RMU
  • Humaira Bilqis APWMO Gynae unit 1, Holy Family Hospital, RMU
  • Farhat Arshad APWMO Gynae unit 1, Holy Family Hospital, RMU
  • Rizwana Chaudhri Professor of Obs and Gynae, Holy family Hospital, RMU, Rawalpindi
Keywords: Box simulator, laparoscopic skills


Objective: To determine the correlation of learning curve of laparoscopy in the field of gynaecology with the use of box simulators.
Methodology: It is a prospective cohort study. Six hands-on training workshops were conducted at Holy Family hospital, Rawalpindi from Mar 2017-Mar 2018. Each workshop was of twelve working hours. On day one, the participants performed the following six tasks on box trainers; camera navigation, instrument navigation, peg transfer, ball transfer, pattern cutting and suture drill. They were given 30 minutes to practice each task. On day two the participants assisted the surgeons in theatre. The data were collected on specially designed proforma.
Results: Out of 72 participants, 88% found the exercises done on box trainers very useful. Although 64% wanted increase in training time on the box simulators, at 12 months feedback, 75% of the participants started independent laparoscopic procedures.
Conclusion: The box trainer is an effective low- cost solution to improve the laparoscopic skills in a low resource country like Pakistan.

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