Diagnostic Accuracy of Pulsatility Index Umbilical Artery and Middle Cerebral Artery in Detecting Intra Uterine Growth Restriction

  • Mahwish Jabeen
  • Qurat Ul Ain Arif
  • Kaukab Naeem
  • Tariq Mahmood Irshad
  • Babar Khan
  • Palwisha Gul


Objectives: To determine the diagnostic accuracy of sensitivity and specificity of the PI-UA and MCA in detecting IUGR by comparing it with the Birth weight.
Methodology: 327 pregnant women with IUGR in third trimester were included in the study. PI values of the fetal MCA and UA were noted.
Results: Sensitivity of PI UA and MCA were 95.14% and 79.73%, respectively. Specificity of PI UA and MCA were 37% and 90%, respectively.
Conclusion: Raised PI value of UA is highly sensitive of IUGR , whereas lower PI value of MCA is highly specific of IUGR and grave sign of fetal demise.
Keywords: IUGR, Doppler US, PI, Middle cerebral artery, Umbilical artery

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