Comparison of Duration of Third Stage of Labour With or Without Cord Blood Drainage in Females Undergoing Normal Vaginal Delivery at Term

  • Sanam Ahmad Ghani
  • Mahham Janjua
  • Sadaf Mubeen Assistant professor, Lady Atchison Hospital, KEMU
  • Maryam Hussain Senior registrar, Lady Atchison Hospital, KEMU
  • Zobia Jawad Assistant professor, Lady wellington hospital, KEMU


Objective:To contrast the mean duration of labor’s third stage with cord blood drainage in females undergoing normal vaginal delivery at term

Methodology:This randomized control trial was held at Obstetrics & Gynecology department of Lady Willingdon Hospital Lahore during 6 months from July 2018 to January 2019. Patients with third stage of labour underwent normal vaginal delivery at term were included. Patients were divided into 2-groups via lottery technique. For group A, cord blood drainage was done while in group B, no cord blood drainage was done. After delivery of fetus, duration was noted till delivery of placenta. Data was collected via self-made proforma and analyzed by 20th version of SPSS.

Results:Patients’ mean age was 29.59±6.72 years and average gestational age was 39.50±1.13 weeks. Average of 3rd stage labors’ duration was 5.50±1.56 minutes. Statistically significant variance was seen between both study groups according to duration of 3rd stage labor i.e. p-value=0.000.

Conclusion:Blood drainage of cord is an effective method to minimize the loss of blood and duration of the delivery of placenta as compared to those without cord blood drainage undergoing normal vaginal delivery at term.

Keywords:Cord, Drainage, Blood, Duration, Stage, Labor

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