Comparison of safety and economical benefits of Manual vacuum aspiration versus DNC in first trimmer pregnancy failures at peripheral hospital settings of Balouchistan

  • Yasmin Fatima Assistant Professor of Obs /Gynae.Combined Military Hospital Zhob,Balouchistan
  • Shazia Firdos Assistant Professor of Obs /Gynae Combined Military Hospital Gujranawala
  • Maria Ali Senior Ex Registrar at Benazir Hospital Rawalpindi


Objective: To compare the beneficial effects of Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) with dilatation and curettage (DNC) in the management of early pregnancy failures
Method: This was prospective randomized study done in obstetrics and gynecology department of CMH Zhob, over a period of one year from January 2018 to December 2018.A total of one hundred and twenty patients of pregnancy failures of <12 weeks (spontaneous miscarriages, missed abortion, incomplete miscarriages, blighted ovum) were included in this study .Using a Random table these patients were assigned to MVA and DNC.
Results: These patients underwent random selection either MVA (n=60) and DNC (n=60). These patients were compared with respect to age, parity, gestational age, risk, blood loss, complications, time taken for procedure and hospital stay The Mean duration of procedure was significantly
higher (p<0.0001) in DNC ( 10.02 + 3.00 minutes) as compared to MVA group (4.08+- 1.5 minute).Moreover the duration of hospital stay was significantly lower (p<0.0001)in MVA group ( 3.50+-1.5 hours) as compared to (8.15 + 1.60 hours) in DNC group. Similarly the cost of the procedure was significantly lower (p <0.0001) in MVA group compared to DNC group, the incidence of complications were also lower (p<.0001) in MVA group compared to DNC group.
Conclusion: MVA is as effective as conventional dilatation and curettage for the treatment of early pregnancy failures.
Key words: Beneficial effects, Dilatation and curettage, early pregnancy failures, Manual vacuum aspiration, safety

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