Oral Health Status and Practice of Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Clinics

  • Zahida Parveen Associate Professor, Department of gynae and OBS, Bilawal Medical College for Boys LUMHS/Jamshoro
  • Saba Parveen Department of Community Dentistry LUMHS
  • Ishrat Begum Wassan Department of Maxillofacial Surgery LUMHS
  • Almas Rahoojo Assistant Professor, Bibi Aseefa Dental SMBBMU College Larkana
  • Arhama Surwaich Assistant Professor, Department of Oral Pathology, Bhitai Dental and Medical College MirpurKhas
Keywords: Pregnancy, oral health


Objective: To determine the oral health status and knowledge of pregnant women attending antenatal clinics of Bilawal Medical College Hospital Kotri at LUMHS.
Methodology: This cross-sectional study was conducted at antenatal clinics of Bilawal Medical College and Hospital Kotri. Study duration was 6 months from March 2019 August 2019. All the pregnant women attending the antenatal OPD were included in the study. Women those having oral growth and those who were not willing to participate in the study were excluded. After taking informed consent women were clinically observed for oral health. Women were interviewed regarding oral health practice and knowledge regarding poor oral hygiene effects on mother and child health. All the data was recorded in self-made proforma and data was analyzed by using SPSS version 20.
Results: Total 120 pregnant women were interviewed regarding oral health status and most of the women 47.5% had age group of 26-35 years. Majority of the women 40.8% were illiterate. 34.2% women had dental caries, 19.2% had gingivitis, 10.0% had Periodontitis and 12.5% had multiple oral health problems, while 24.2% had good oral health status. 41.7% women brushing once a day, 16.7% twice a day, 16.7% women using miswak and 19.2% were without and dental health practice. On the knowledge regarding oral health and feto-maternal health association 46.6% women were agreed with that not cleaning teeth everyday had several harmful effects on mother and child health. 36.6% answered that oral health care very essential during pregnancy, 35.0% replied that it’s necessary to brush teeth after every meal, 40.8% had knowledge as that there is a relationship between general body health and oral health.
Conclusion: It was concluded that most of women had poor oral health status and inadequate brushing habits. Dental caries, gingivitis and periodontal conditions were commonest and they have no idea that the poor oral health effects the feto-maternal health and these women were mostly illiterate.

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