Clinical Pattern and Management of Patients Presented with Fibroids

  • Fouzia Shaikh et al


Objective. To find out clinical presentation and management in patients with fibroids.
Method: This Prospective observational studystudy was conducted in gyne department of LUMHS over period of one year from 2016 up to 2017
RESULTS: In this study, majority of patients i.e. 60(60%) with fibroid belonged to age group of > 40 years followed by 30(30%) patients found in age group of 30-40years. Most common presenting complaint was menorrhagia ,which was observed in 60 ( 60 %) patients having submucosal fibroid followed by feeling of abdominal mass in 30 (30%). 20(20%) patients got conservative treatment while 30(30%) underwent myomectomy while 50(50%) had hysterectomy
Conclusion. Most common clinical presentation was menorrhagia and majority underwent hysterectomy.
Keywords: Fibroid, menorrhagia, management

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