Incidence of Asphyxia Neonatorum with Complications at a Specialized Medical Care Hospital

Keywords: neonatal mortality



Birth asphyxia is characterized by persistent hypoxemia and hypercapnia secondary to impaired gas exchange or inadequate perfusion during labor and delivery and it is a leading cause of mortality and morbidity in neonates in developing countries.

This study aims to assess the prevalence and contributing risk factors of birth asphyxia.

Materials and Methods:

This cross-sectional study was carried out in the Pediatrics Department, HFH from September to November 2019 involving a total sample size of 265 neonates, with a clinical diagnosis of birth asphyxia (newborn with history of delayed cry or APGAR score of less than 7 in 5 min) were included in the study.


The mean age of neonates was 17.22 ± 21.31 h. The mean weight was 3.02 ± 1.89 kg. The number of male neonates was 174 (65.7%) and the female neonates were 91 (34.3%). 89 neonates were delivered through Lower segment Caesarean section, and 176 neonates were delivered through spontaneous vaginal delivery. 214 neonates were delivered in public sector hospitals, while 40 were delivered in private maternity homes and 11 were delivered in domiciliary settings. 124 neonates were born to consanguineous couples and 141 neonates were born to non-consanguineous couples. 244 deliveries were per term and 21 deliveries were preterm.


Prenatal asphyxia is still one of the major causes of neonatal deaths around the world and as well in Pakistan. Comprehensive studies are required to evaluate the possible causes of asphyxia either in term of maternity nutrition or other genetic causes.



Author Biographies

Nahdia Zaman, Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi


Senior Registrar Paediatrics


Hassan Mumtaz, Riphah International University, Health Services Academy

Lecturer: Forensic & Toxicology, Riphah International University Rawalpindi PAK

Master’s in Public Health: Health Services Academy, Islamabad PAK

Anam Zafar, Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi


Senior Registrar Paediatrics


Hafiz Muhammad Ata Ur Rehman, King faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center


Assistant Consultant, Critical Care Medicine


Shahzaib Ahmad, Mayo Hospital Lahore



Syed Abdul Ahad, Dow University of Health Sciences



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