Comparison of the Outcome of Intradermal and Conventional Closure of Episiotomy

  • Sanam Allahyar Postgraduate resident,Department of Obs & Gynae, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi
  • Sadia Khan Associate Professor,Department of Obs & Gynae, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi
  • Ayesha Noor Postgraduate Trainee, Department of Obs & Gynae, POF Hospital, Wah cantt
  • Rizwana Chaudhri Ex Professor of Obs and Gynae Holy Family Hospital Rawalpindi
Keywords: Episiotomy, Intradermal closure


Objective: To compare the outcome of intradermal closure versus conventional closure of episiotomy.

Methodology: It’s a randomized controlled trial conducted in Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology unit I, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi, from August 2020 to February 2021. A total of 406 women undergoing episiotomies, 18 to 40 years of age were included. Patients with risk pregnancy were excluded. After taking informed written consent, the selected patients were placed randomly into two equal groups i.e. Group A (intradermal closure) & Group B (conventional closure), by lottery method. All the procedures were performed by the same surgeon. All the patients were followed by the researcher herself, and outcome (post-operative pain (yes/no), induration (yes/no), wound dehiscence (yes/no) and wound discharge (yes/no) will be noted.

Results: The mean age of women in group A was 27.23 ± 3.66 years and in group B was 27.77 ± 2.97 years. The majority of the patients 341 (83.99%) were between 26 to 35 years of age. The mean gestational age in group A was 38.35 ± 1.30 weeks and in group B it was 38.38 ± 1.30 weeks. In my study, post-operative pain, induration and wound dehiscence was found in 84 (41.83%), 09 (4.43%) and 15 (7.39%) in intradermal closure versus 114 (56.16%), 39 (19.21%) and 62 (30.54%) in conventional closure (p-value = 0.0001).

Conclusion: This study concluded that post-operative pain and complications are less in patients with intradermal closure of episiotomy as compared to those with conventional closure.

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