Women’s Experience with Postpartum Intrauterine Contraceptive Device

  • Dr. Rashida Sultana Sharif Medical & Dental College, Lahore
  • Dr. Nazia Badar Azra Naheed Medical College, Lahore
  • Dr. Saima Saeed Usmani Senior-registrar-Lahore General Hospital, Lahore
  • Dr. Maimoona Hafeez Sharif Medical and Dental College, Lahore
Keywords: Contraception, IUCD, Postpartum, PPIUCD


Objective: To evaluate women experience in terms of safety and satisfaction of women using postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device.


This descriptive study was carried out in a tertiary care hospital over a period of 5 years. Pregnant women of all age groups and parity whether delivered vaginally or via caesarean section that fulfilled inclusion criteria and gave consent for postpartum IUCD insertion were included in the study. Patients were counseled during antenatal and intrapartum period. Study participants were followed till six weeks postpartum. Data was analyzed using SPSS version 23. Qualitative variable were calculated using percent while quantitative variables using mean and standard deviation.


Total number of women who opted for postpartum IUCD insertion was 366.  In 222(60.7%) cases IUCD was inserted during caesarean section while in 144(39.3%) IUCD was inserted after vaginal delivery. More than half of study participants i.e. 197(53.8%) did not have any subjective complaint. Most common side effect reported by study participants are menstrual irregularity in 30.1 %( 110) women, lower abdominal cramps in 11.2 %( 41), lower genital tract infection in 1.6 %( 6) women. Three hundred and twenty (87.4%) study participants are satisfied with PPIUCD as contraceptive method; want to continue as well as willing to suggest its use to their relatives and friends. While 12.6% (46) discontinued within 6weeks of follow up. In current study reasons of discontinuation of PPIUCD were vaginal bleeding in 40(87%)  and expulsion of PPIUCD in 6 (13%) cases.

Conclusion: Postpartum IUCD is a safe method of long-term contraception with high satisfaction rate.

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Dr. Nazia Badar, Azra Naheed Medical College, Lahore

Drafting of article

Dr. Saima Saeed Usmani, Senior-registrar-Lahore General Hospital, Lahore

Intial drafting and data collection

Dr. Maimoona Hafeez, Sharif Medical and Dental College, Lahore

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