Effectiveness of Intradermal Sterile Water Injections over the Sacrum for the Relief of Labour Associated Backache; A Cross-Sectional Study

  • Nazia Siraj Federal Government Policlinic Hospital PGMI, Islamabad
  • Irum Sohail Professor, KRL Hospital Islamabad


Objective: To assess the effectiveness of intradermal injections of sterile water over the sacrum for the relief of labour associated backache.

Methodology: The study was conducted at department of Obs and Gynae KRL hospital Islamabad from July 2017 to Dec 2017. A sample of 100 pregnant women in labour with complain of severe backache during the first stage of labour was taken. All of them received intradermal injections over the sacrum in order to relieve it or to reduce the intensity of pain. The outcome was measured in Visual Analogue Scale. The intensity of pain was measured in a range of 0-10 where 0 being no pain at all and 10 being the most intense pain. Patients under study were requested to rate their pain against this scale before the injections were administered. After the treatment, they were again asked to rate their pain at the intervals of 10 minutes, 45 minutes and then 90 minutes.

Results: The mean VAS score before giving the injection was 8.9 and after 10 minutes of giving injection it was reduced to 3.7 which further decreased over next half hour and the effect lasted for at least 2 hours in most of the patients. The mean visual analogue scale pain score for backache was significantly lower compared with initial values at 10 and 45 minutes after treatment. In opinion of most of the patients, intradermal injections are harmless and effective; thus, they should be part of the routine intrapartum care.

Conclusion: Intradermal injections of sterile water are effective in reducing backaches during 1st stage of labour. This method is easy, cost effective, without any side effects and good patient satisfaction due to pain relief.

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