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  • Dr Reema Samo Shaheed muhtarma benezir bhutto medical university, larkana
  • Dr Afshan Bhatti Shaheed muhtarma benezir bhutto medical university, larkana
  • Dr Najia Bhatti
  • Dr Shaista Tabassum Abro
  • drufaquebatool Samo Jinnah Post graduate medical center, Karachi
Keywords: Perineal tears, spontaneous vaginal delivery, perineal trauma


Objective: To determine the frequency of perineal tears in spontaneous vaginal delivery (SVD).

Pregnancy is a normal, healthy state that most women aspire to at some point in their lives, but it carries serious risks of death and disability. A vaginal delivery is the birth of babies through the vagina and is the natural method of the birth process that usually does not require significant medical intervention. This study is done to know the frequency of perineal tears, occurring during normal vaginal delivery. Perineal tears are a very commonly occurring complication, but early evaluation and assessment can prevent vaginal tears to occur and save patients from acquired complications. The proper management strategies can also be helpful to initialize proper maternal health care system in our local population according to the observations of the present study.

Study Setting: Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Unit at Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital, SMBBMU Larkana.

Study design:  Cross-sectional descriptive

Duration of study:  Six months from 1st November 2017 to 30th April 2018

Methodology: a total of 182 women were selected for this study, with spontaneous vaginal delivery from the labor room of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Shaikh Zaid Women Hospital, SMBBMU Larkana. It was a Descriptive, cross-sectional study. Patients coming for delivery within 6 months of the period were included in this study. All the pregnant ladies with a spontaneous vaginal delivery were carefully monitored for any perineal tear during the process, thorough clinical examination was carried out. All findings were recorded and labeled as detected. The data was collected on pre-designed proforma. 

Results:  The mean age of the women was 30.42±4.55 years. The frequency of perineal tears in spontaneous vaginal delivery was 24.18% (44/182)

Conclusion: Perineal tears cause considerable post-natal morbidity. Identification of risk factors, vigilant monitoring, supervision during difficult/instrumental deliveries, and good perineal support is recommended for minimizing the risk of perineal trauma as well as morbidity.


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