Prevalence of Gutka/Mawa Addiction in Pregnant Women and Causing Iron Deficiency Anemia

  • Reshma Shaheen Consultant gynecologist at Civil Hospital Thatta
  • Sanam Karim Consultant general surgeon at DHQ Civil hospital Thatta
  • Neeta Maheshwary Head of Medical Affairs at Helix Pharma Karachi
Keywords: Gutka, Mawa, addiction


Objective: To determine the prevalence of Gutka/Mawa addiction and causing iron deficiency in pregnant women living in district thatta of Sindh and its peripherals.

Methodology:  It was prospective, observational and cohort study conducted in DHQ thatta and Abdul Kareem Unar Memorial Hospital Makli, by using a non- probability sampling technique. This study included 100 pregnant women aged 18 years and above. The data is collected by obtaining history and hemoglobin percentage with Blood indices (CBC).

Results: Out of these 100 cases, 9 (9%) of women had mild degree of anemia (Hb 9-10.9g/dl), 56 had moderate anemia (Hb 7-8.9g/dl) while 34 women presented with severe anemia (Hb <7g/dl).

The percentage of cases with Gutka/Mawa addiction increased with increasing parity. Furthermore, all parity 2 and onwards cases had exposure to betel nuts.

Conclusion: It is concluded that Gutka/Mawa consumption is very high in thatta district. If simply we are taking mothers who are presented in hospital with anemia in pregnancy are over burden on hospital and for blood banks, to treat excessively by repeated transfusion

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