Comparison Between Expectant Management and Sweeping of Membranes for Spontaneous Onset of Labour and Subsequent Mode of Delivery

  • Farkhanda Saeed
  • Sarah Ejaz Abbasi
  • Naheed Bano
  • Sadia Khan
  • Kiran Jabeen
  • Faiza Faraz
Keywords: Membrane sweeping


Objective: To compare the frequency of spontaneous onset of labor and vaginal delivery in postdate primigravida undergoing sweeping of membrane with those having expectant management.

Methodology: The study was a randomized controlled trial conducted in Obstetrics and Gynecology Unit-I, Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi from July 2020 to Dec 2020. In Group A patients after 40 weeks of gestation were managed conservatively till 41 weeks, in Group B membrane sweeping was done every 48 hours (3 times on alternate days) till 41 weeks of gestation. Then women in both groups were followed up and the onset of labour was assessed in each group along with the mode of delivery. All the data was entered and analyzed using SPSS Version 22.0. Post-stratification, the Pearson chi-square test was applied.

Results: We recorded that the frequency of onset of labour was recorded in 69.41%(n=59) in Group-A and 87.06%(n=74) in Group-B, p-value was calculated as 0.005. Regarding mode of delivery shows that 80%(n=68) in Group-A and 83.53%(n=71) in Group B whereas 20%(n=17) in Group-A and 16.47%(n=14) in Group B had cesarean section, p-value was calculated as 0.55.

Conclusion: Sweeping of the membrane significantly gives a better outcome when compared to the expectant management for post-date primigravida.

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