Assessment of periodontal status and Oral health impact profile among Pregnant Women

  • Muhammad Mohsin Javaid Phd Scholar HSA, School of Dentistry, SZABMU/PIMS Islamabad
  • Fariha Farooq Multan Medical & Dental College Multan
  • Samina Naeem Khalid Associate Prof, HOD of RMNCH, Health Services Academy Islamabad
  • Ahsan Ullah School of Dentistry/SZABMU Islamabad
  • Rizwan zafar langrial Bakhtawar amin medical and dental college, Multan
  • Muhammad Junaid School of Dentistry/SZABMU Islamabad
  • Muhammad Athar Indus Hospital and health Network Islamabad


Objective: This study aimed to evaluate periodontal status of pregnant ladies and its impact on everyday life over a course of three months. 

Methodology: This cross-sectional survey of three months’ duration was conducted in Fatima Jinnah hospital of Multan city after approval from ethical Review Board. A total of 415 pregnant women of 18-49 years who came for ante-natal care were recruited Oral-clinical assessment of these patients was done using Oral health impact profile questionnaire (OHIP-14). Desired sample size was achieved via simple random sampling. For assessment of oral health status of population, general indicator used was Community periodontal index treatment need (CPITN) score. Each individual was clinically assessed for CPITN index. Two Dental surgeons were trained for data collection and monitored by the researcher.

Results: Only 5.06% of pregnant women had healthy gums, one-third of the participants showed bleeding on probing, forty percent women had pocket depth between 3.5-5.5mm, while 14.7% women had plaque deposits but no pocket formation. Chi-Square test revealed statistically significant association between OHIP-14 score and CPITN score (p-value 0.000), while there was insignificant association between OHIP-14 score with age of the participants (p-value 0.288).

Conclusion: Poor oral health especially periodontal illness can have a noteworthy adverse impact on quality of life throughout pregnancy. Policies & programs ought to be executed, and information on dental hygiene must be upgraded during pregnancy for betterment of oral hygiene

Key Words: CPITN, Dental Health, Periodontitis, Pregnancy, Quality of Life



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