Comparison of Malpresentation Between Multipara and Grand Multipara

  • Sardar Muhammad Alfareed Zafar
  • Sadaf Naeem
  • Sadaf Naeem
  • Shagufta Noor
  • Ammara Niaz
Keywords: Grand Multipara, Multipara and Malpresentations


Objective: To compare the frequency of malpresentation complication between Grand multipara and multipara. Study design: Descriptive Case Series.  Place and duration of study: Department of Gynecology & Obstetrics Allied Hospital, Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad. Period of study: 6 months from 6th March 2016 to 6th September 2016.  
Methodology: After taking approval from hospital, Ethical committee all patients in OPD, antenatal ward and emergency who fulfilled inclusion criteria were enrolled in this study. Parity was recorded, based on which patients were divided into multipara/grand multipara group according to operational definition. Frequency of mal presentation noted and compared.
Results: Total 425 patients fulfilling inclusion and exclusion criteria were enrolled in our study. Out of these 425 patients, 16 patients had malpresentation 3.77%. Comparison between grand multipara and multipara revealed that 5(1.17%) malpresentations were noted in multipara and 11(2.59%) in grand multipara. P value was calculated as 0.03 which was significant.

Conclusion: Frequency of malpresntation increases as parity increases so with proper education regarding birth spacing and effective contraception this can be minimized. Keywords: Grand Multipara, Multipara and Malpresentations.  

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