Depression Among Women with Gynecological Conditions at MCH Centre, PIMS: Are We Doing the Needful? Syeda

  • Syeda Batool Mazhar Professor & Head of Obs & Gynae Dept, SZABMU/PIMS, Islamabad
Keywords: Depression, Patient Health Questionnaire


Objective: To determine the prevalence of depression and its association with various gynecological conditions in women presenting at MCH Centre, PIMS.
Study Design: A questionnaire-based, Cross-sectional study  
Place and Duration: The was undertaken among gynecology patients in MCH Centre unit I by resident doctors from 15th June to 20th November 2016.  
Methodology: All consenting participants had demographic data recorded and were screened for depression with Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) score. A score <5 signified no depression, 5-9 mild depression. Women with score >10 with moderate to severe depression were referred for psychiatric consultation. Data was entered in SPSS version 21. Correlation of depression with gynecological conditions was done and the demographic variables of women with gynecological conditions screening positive for depression were compared with the non-depressed women using chi-square test and a p-value of <0.05 was considered significant.
Results: Among 302 studied women, mean age was 37+10 years and 282(93.4%) were married. Majority women were multiparous with only 8.6% nulliparous. Depression was absent in 103 (34.1%), mild depression in 167 (55.3%) and moderate to severe depression in 32 (10.6%) women. Past history of depression was positive in 4 (1.3%), while family history noted in 3(1%) women. The commonest complaint was a backache in 123 (40.7%) women followed by pelvic pain in 122 (40.4%), vaginal discharge 83 (27.5%) and heavy menstrual bleeding 62 (20.5%). Among women presenting with heavy menstrual bleeding, pelvic pain, backache and vaginal discharge, 71%, 68%, 65.8% and 60.2% were depressed respectively. No significant association of gynecologic conditions with depression was found in this population.
Conclusion: Although 65.9% women with gynecological complaints had depression, no significant correlation of depression was found with various gynecological diagnoses. 

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