Comparative Study of Tocolytic Efficacy of Nifedipine and Nitroglycerine

  • Nazish Ishaq
  • Zubaria Ishaq
  • Attique Mushtaq
  • Imran Ishaque
  • Arslan Ishaq


Objectives: To compare the efficacy of nifedipine and nitroglycerine in preterm labour for prolongation of pregnancy for at least 48 hours.
Study Design: A Randomized control trail.
Methodology: This study was conducted in Gynae unit 2 of Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore. Total 100 patients were selected and randomly divided into two equal groups and treated with Nifedipine and Nitro glycerin. Sample size of 100 (50 in each group) is calculated with 80% power of test, 5% level of significance and taking expected percentage of efficacy (in terms of successful tocolysis of 48 hours or more) in both groups 64% in nitroglycerine group versus 88% in nifedipine group in patients with preterm labour.
Result: The age range of patients was 15-40 years. The mean gestational age was 33.38±1.79 in group A and 32.19±1.24 in group B. There were 37 (74%) patients had an efficacy of drug in group A and 26 (52%) patients were in group B with a p value (0.023) which is statistically significant.
Conclusion: Nifedipine is a safe and effective drug for prolongation of gestational age and tocolytic efficacy as compared to nitroglycerine

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